BeArtAngel paintings find a special place in every room. Once they are exhibited, the power of colours and the expressiveness interlace, creating an integrated whole. An observer of the paintings can feel their inner strength and clarity, an inner guidance reflected in harmony, which leaves no one indifferent. Each painting represents a moment in time that the painter captured and transformed into a beautifully coordinated rhythm of colours, materials and messages. Each painting has its own story, a story of all of us, everyone can find their inner mirror in it. A large room illuminated with a single painting by BeArtAngel becomes complete, while a room enriched by more of his pictures becomes a dance of colour, harmony, energy and beauty. As such it approaches the observer and illuminates his innermost thoughts about existence and the art of living.

We can only evolve from our true selves and not through what we think we are. Objective art offers us support in such endeavours. The paintings are tuned to that basic, true and universal Essence that resides in us all.


The paintings are are also custom-made for each client,  created with acrylic or oil paints on canvases of various dimensions with added crystals, semi-precious and precious stones or gilding.

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